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Circuit Racing

The new and improved Pheasant Wood circuit is completely unique in Australian motorsport – it contains corners, camber and character not seen anywhere else, too. Using the existing Marulan circuit as a guide, the revised track heads uphill towards turn one, a challenging, late-apex hairpin with lots of runoff for safety.

The circuit then plunges downhill towards a long, banked, constant-radius right-hand hairpin which is faster than it looks. The circuit doubles back on itself, diving to the left as it heads downhill in an opening-radius corner that sees cars rapidly increasing speed on corner exit. The road opens up and gently curves to the left through turn four, before climbing uphill into turn five – a right hander with a good passing opportunity up the inside.

At the top of the property, a short straight ends at turn six – a quick 90-degree right – before dropping downhill towards seven; a challenging, fast right hand kink that will reward those with commitment..

While negotiating that kink you’re braking and turning to the right while setting up for the next corner, the left-handed turn eight. A sweep right at nine then turns into the left-hand turn 10. It’s cambered at the apex, allowing for a fast exit back onto the start-finish straight.

It’s not a long lap.. but it packs plenty of excitement and lots of driving challenge.. come and try it for yourself!