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Electric Vehicles


Sunswift and Pheasant Wood

Pheasant Wood supports the development of clean technology.

The Marulan Circuit (near Goulburn in NSW, Australia)
hosted the University of New South Wales’ Sunswift solar car, eVe.

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eVe is being prepared as the first road legal solar sportscar in the Southern hemisphere, as well as a leading World Solar Challenge entry. It also holds an FIA world speed record.

In order for eVe to be registered as road legal, it must pass a number of stringent Australian Design Rules to meet the safety and performance standards of a commercial vehicle. The Marulan circuit was perfect for testing a number of braking, suspension and drive tests which are crucial for national certification.

Marulan was the first track in Australia to be specifically passed for all types of electric vehicles including competition ones. It is a chosen test track for Electric Formula Cars, who recommended it to the Sunswift team.