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Open Practice Trackdays

Open Practice Trackdays for RACECARS & ROAD CARS

All participants in Street Registered vehicles must wear wrist-to-neck-to-ankle fire resistant clothing (Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants and fully enclosed shoes) and a helmet that meets the Australian Standard 1698 or higher. Label must be visible on helmet. All participants in Race Cars must wear the appropriate approved racing apparel. Cars do not need to be registered, but must pass a safety inspection.

Q: What are the prices?
A: $175 (Weekdays) / $200 (Weekends) per driver + Licence Fee, if applicable.
Drivers are required to hold either a valid CAMS (L2S or above) or AASA Licence. If Driver does not have a valid CAMS or AASA licence, a Pheasant Wood Licence can be purchased. Day Licence is $30 and a 12 month Licence is just $99.

Q: Can I take a Passenger?
A:Yes, your passenger must sign a Waiver and be wearing a Pheasant Wood Wristband before being allowed on track. Passengers must wear Long Sleeves, Long Pants and enclosed shoes. Passenger must wear an Approved Helmet. Passengers are $50 each (Weekdays) $75 each (Weekends). Only one Passenger can be taken at any one time.

Q: Can I share a Car with a friend?
A: Yes, If you are sharing a car, second drivers are just $100 (Weekdays) and $125 (Weekends)

Gates open from 7am &
Cafe open from 7:30am

Sign-on from 7:00am
in the Administration

Track Time
9am to 4pm