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Track Day Invitation - Saturday January 29, 2022 0800 Hrs

As a precursor to the September “All Historic Race Meeting”

Friday September 09, Saturday 10 & Sunday 11, 2022

A track day will now be held as a warmup to September 2022 Race Meeting.

This informal one day. “Play Day” is intended to shake down your Pre 1963 Motorcycle (Solos & Sidecars) or Pre 1961 Sports or Race Car, after the confusion of Covid Pandemic Race Meetings

Requirements: Somewhat Less than a Full Blown Race Weekend.

WHERE: The “Pleasant” Wood Circuit, 8 Prairie Oak Road Marulan, NSW

COST: $150.00 car or bike, “Eldee” Transponder - Free for day. Return !! - $250 Fine. Public Liability Insurance -Included within Entry Fee. Spectators Free !!

DRESS: Race Drivers & Riders to wear approved apparel. Ride Group & Regularity Driver/Rider Wrist to Ankle – Non- Synthetic “Crash Hat”- Recently Approved - Australian Standard AS/NZ1698:2006 Min. Approved helmets available at circuit. (Pudding Basin Helmets, Linen Skull Caps for display only)

SCRUTINEERING: Road worthy - No Lights or Mudguards required. Oil Drain Plugs – TIGHT preferably lockwired, you know the drill !! – Will be spot checked !!  

LICENSING: Current ASSA, MA/CAMS licence holders no charge or Pheasant Wood Day Licence ($30.00 Good for Track day and September Meeting).

GROUPS: To be announced on the day, a category for Fast & Slow Regularity will be available. A “Ride Day” shall be included for motorcycles.

ENTRY:  Email: Scott@pheasantwood.com.au  &/or Tel. 02 4841 1422                                                                   Entry Cut-off Date 1700 Hrs  Friday Jan 21 2022. Late Entries will be accepted at discretion of Pheasant Wood Circuit.

OBJECT: Fun – Play with your mates on a Brand new Circuit Two Hrs                                                        From Sydney

Pheasant Wood & the Committee of “All Historic Racing” would like to sincerely apologize for any lack of Communication due mainly to Covid, Technical Internet Outages & Teething with a Brand New Circuit. If you paid a deposit or entry fee for the postponed event you can use that to go towards the entry fee for this track day or defer to September Race Meeting.

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