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Pheasant Wood

Pheasant Wood is the latest evolution of what started as the Marulan Driver Training Centre, Opened in 2009, the circuit was designed to offer a broad range of driving options on both dirt and bitumen. Purchased by Steve Shelley in 2016, the circuit has been dramatically upgraded to world-class standards in both track layout, safety and amenities.

The facility caters to a broad mix of motorsport and motoring activities, both on and off-road, in addition to corporate events, drive days and club events through to highly organised motorsport events.

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Pheasant Wood  track map

Pheasant Wood Circuit

Circuit Length


Lap Record

57.0 seconds Steve Shelley

Turn 1

Keep far left up the straight, patience is key. Wait a moment before turning in, clip the apex, ease out to the left to ensure a fast setup for turn 2.

Turn 2

Dive a bit deeper into the back pocket before a late apex on the way to turn three.

Turn 3

Turn in a little later from the back right pocket if you want a fast clear exit onto the sweeper, be a tad patient on the gas if you want to stay hard on it.

Turn 4

Sit up a bit higher through the sweeper then aim for a late apex on the left, staying in the kerb if you can.

Turn 5

Another deep dive into the back left-hand pocket, aim for the apex on the right for the best chance of a fast trip past “The Dunny”

Turn 6

Stay close to “The Dunny” before diving your right front over the concrete apex, then enjoy the rapid ride out to the left kerb.

Turn 7

Your right front should skim the concrete apex before a late brake, settling mid track before the double apex around the next left.

Turn 8

Aim for the left apex mid corner, if your nailed it, hold that line until way into the back left pocket, again for a late brake.

Turn 9

Finding a late apex at 17° bank is quick and exciting way back to the left hand side of the straight or pit lane. Keep far left for pit entry, or the fastest way to the best line into turn 1.

Pheasant Wood Circuit Aerial Overview