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All drivers and riders must hold a recognised Australian MotorSport licence prior to entering the race circuit.

Current motorsport licenses in following categories are accepted for all events and track days:

  • AASA
  • MA (Motorsport Australia - Cars)
  • MA (Motorcycling Australia - Bikes)
  • Pheasant Wood (all vehicles)
    • Track Day
    • Event
An Event License will be required for all organised races and events unless competitors hold a current Australian motorsport license. A Pheasant Wood Event Licence may be used on Track days.

Prior to acquiring an Event License, competitors must first pass an Observed Licence Test or OLT. A member of our qualified team will observe you operate your vehicle or motorcycle whilst on track, together with feedback and instructions, it will be determined if you are a confident, competent and safe track user. The OLT will take approximately 90 mins, however, the OLT may be performed by prior request whilst enjoying an open track or ride day, at no additional cost.

Pheasant Wood Licence fees:

Track Day (Single Day) $30
Track Day License (Annual) $99
Event License Annual (OLT required) $120
Observed Licence Test (90 mins) $125