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Learner Driver Program

We at Pheasant Wood passionately believe in the philosophy that all drivers should be confident and relatively capable behind the wheel before venturing into the traffic for the first time.

Learning to drive can be daunting for both parent and teenager, that’s why our Learner Driver programs invite both the parent and student from 12 years of age to learn how to drive, together. 

Pheasant Wood Circuit is a safe, controlled environment, it is ideal to teach correct behaviours to our students and their parents, ensuring Learner Drivers are confident and familiar with their vehicle before they ever venture onto public roads.

Whether you’ve been driving on the farm for years, or you’ve never sat behind the wheel, our Learner Driver Program caters to all skill levels.

With both Practical and Theory components, our Learner Driver program covers many of the fundamentals. Whilst some aspects may seem daunting, it is amazing to witness our junior drivers quickly adapt, learn and enjoy; here are a few examples:

  • How to correctly position yourself behind the wheel, set mirrors, seat belt, use indicators, etc.
  • Basic maintenance and safety checks such as oil, water and a clean windscreen
  • Driving on wet and varying surfaces
  • Correct braking and cornering methods
  • Exploring the limits of car and driver
  • High speed braking
  • Understanding and looking for blind spots and distractions
  • How to safely jack up a car and change a tyre
  • How to address a police officer in the event of being pulled over

We have now helped many hundreds of Learner Drivers gain the skills and confidence they need to safely begin their on road learning experience. 

Many parents have given us extraordinary feedback that the Learner Driver program has not only given their child confidence behind the wheel, it has also lifted their child's spirits, confidence and happiness in life. 

We at Pheasant Wood genuinely believe our course has contributed to saving countless lives, we consider the participation for young people in this program to be one of the most important investments a family can make.

Please book your child into this wonderful program, or consider a priceless gift for a loved one.