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Why we are named Pheasant Wood

Corporal Herbert Thomas Bolt, nicknamed “Nutsy” was Steve Shelley’s Great Grandfather.

Nutsy was killed in action on the 20th July 1916 in Fromelles, France, when the British called upon the Anzacs to help fight the Germans during WW1.

Nutsy left his young wife and new baby behind in Sydney and sailed to Egypt where he trained intensely for many months before arriving at the battlefront in the north of France.

Nutsy had only one battle, he and his fellow hero’s contested Australia’s bloodiest ever fight resulting in over 5300 deaths or casualties within 12 hours.

Nutsy was a born fighter, a passionate footballer and boxer.

Corporal Frank Johnston fought alongside Nutsy on that terrible night, Frank survived and wrote this in his diary:

“Nutsy killed more than 6 Germans with his Bayonet and the butt of his rifle, when he got a bullet through the forehead. He fell instantly, being killed outright. He was as game as any man”

The baby Nutsy left behind was Steve’s Grandmother.

When Steve built the track he wanted to name it something very special for all to remember.

The Military Cemetery in Fromelles where Herbert Thomas Bolt is laid to rest, is called “Pheasant Wood”.

Lest we forget.