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Round 1     Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July        Entries close Friday 24th June

Round 2     Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July    Entries close Friday 15th July

Practice / Qualifying will be conducted from 9.00am until 4.00pm on the day before the race (Saturday).

Racing commences at 9.00am and will be 7 hours of non-stop racing.

The race will conclude when the checkered flag is displayed to the vehicle that has completed the most laps.


  • There are no exceptions to the following vehicle specifications.
  • Engine capacity is limited to 6.2 litre naturally aspirated, and up to 3.0 litre if turbo-charged.
  • All vehicles are to be fitted with a full (6 point) roll cage. The minimum hoop diameter is 38mm with a wall thickness NO less than 2.5mm. Bracing diameter of 25mm. All hoop and bracing are to be tubular and of appropriate roll cage material.
  • Minimum 4 point safety harness is compulsory.
  • Race seats are not compulsory but are recommended. Non-Race seats must be accompanied by an appropriately qualified engineering certificate of approval.
  • Vehicle can be left or right handed.
  • All transmission types are allowed (eg: sequential).
  • Tyres are unrestricted (full slick race tyres ARE allowed).
  • Suspension is unrestricted.
  • Exhaust is unrestricted however noise restrictions apply (95db @ 30 metres).
  • Brakes are unrestricted.
  • Air intake is unrestricted.
  • Engine management systems are unrestricted.
  • Vehicle must have a defined and fully operational tow point.
  • Vehicle must display the sponsor signage pack if supplied.


  • Each team must complete at least three driver changes after the starting driver stint (resulting in minimum four driver stints) 
  • Each team must complete at least three compulsory five minute fuel stops throughout the race. 
  • Driver changes may take place during fuel stops.
  • If a driver continues to race after any stop, the accrued stop times are included in their aggregate stint time.
  • A minimum driver change only pit stop time of 90 seconds will be imposed. 
  • All stop timing will commence at the pit entry control line, and end at entry to the circuit.
  • A four lap team penalty will be imposed for each driver change if the pit stop is performed in less than 90 seconds.
  • A four lap team penalty will be imposed for each driver change that is not completed.
  • Teams must complete five minute refueling pit stops. Driver changes ARE permitted during fuel stops.
  • Drivers must be completely out of the car during any refuelling.
  • A five lap penalty will be imposed for each fuel stop less than 5 minutes.
  • Driver stints are to be no longer than 120 minutes.
  • No driver may drive, or be judged to be in the driver's seat, longer than 120 minutes, including stops.
  • Driver stints are considered to be terminated at the start of pit lane, or the start finish line.
  • Driver stints are considered to commence at the start of pit lane.
  • For each driver stint longer than 120 minutes, a two lap overdrive penalty will be imposed for each minute or part thereof over 120 minutes.
  • Driver changes are NOT allowed to take place during a black flag drive-through penalty.
  • Driver changes may take place during full course double yellow flag conditions.



Ready to graduate from the Deputy 4 Hour?

The Enduro line up at Pheasant Wood just got very real. 14 combined hours over 2 rounds, multiple drivers, compulsory pit stops, big capacity and even bigger strategy.

The Deputy 7 hour is a serious enduro event, designed for Motorsport athletes looking for a genuine challenge. Purpose built race-cars such as Porsches, Evo’s, WRX’S, BMW, Mercedes, V8’s, etc. are all welcome.

Picking up where the 4 hour left off, the winning team will need a combination of strategy, skill and enduring speed if they want the coveted 7 Hour trophy.

Engine capacity 6.2 litres or less, naturally aspirated (factory engine) Up to 3.0 litre turboRoll cage (6 point)4 Point Harness, Brakes, Tyres and Suspension are all free.

Must not exceed noise limit of 95db.

Deputy 7 Hour Entry Fee $1900.00

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